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Claesgens Integrated, LLC is a master company, that owns, partners with, develops, and operates businesses.

Claesgens Integrated, LLC also offers Consulting and Coaching  Services to select businesses and individuals.  

Here are a few of our current projects and companies:

   Automotive Expertise, Products and Services through Cars, Inc.

   Fitness,  Wellness, Health Products, Services, & Support through BeachBody,

   World Travel, Exploration, Adventure, & Trek’s through Alltrek Adventures, Inc. 

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Claesgens Integrated, LLC  a New York Limited Liability Company, has been in business, and  has offered Consulting and Coaching services since 2005. Please contact us today, if you are interested in exploring opportunities for us to work together!

We create change that improves lives!

Claesgens Integrated, LLC
Sean R. Claesgens, President & Founder
1174 SE McFarlane Avenue, Port Saint Lucie, Fl
Email – sean@claesgens.com  Tel -561-427-1308  Web – www.claesgens.com